This is a list of possible open thesis topics with my involvement (as main or sometimes secondary supervisor). The texts are meant as “suggestions” or “inspiration” what one can do. Typically, I don’t have the energy to formulate more than a handful of topics, ready in my drawer, that, at that time, sound interesting to me. I.e., I do not try to cover all imaginable problems that fall inside my area of intest or competence. At any rate, what’s made out of some suggested problem depends to a large extent on the candidate’s taste, background, and also the insights gained in the first phase of the thesis (the time of essay writing). Thus, I am open if someone comes bringing own ideas, to hammer it out into a project description as the spark for a thesis project.

Talking about “inspiration”: I always recommend to browse also completed master theses (with me involved or generally supervised by our group PSY, or of course by other groups) to get an impression what kind of topics have been addressed in the past, and also how master thesis documents could look like in the end of such projects.

A domain-specific language for real-estate floor plans
Port concurrent code examples from pseudo code to real code (short thesis)
Run-time verification with Linux BPF
Verification Tool for Concurrent Software
Dependently-typed programming for certification and security
Comparative study of modern program languages and frameworks for web services
Statically Synthesizing Resource Bounds for Real-Time ABS
Refactoring at Scale
Working with Kleene Algebras and related automated tools and methods
A comparative evaluation of the new C++ standard