This is my homepage, resurrected step-by-step from the previous one in quite an overhaul. The university had decided to no longer tolerate self-designed webpages; they call them “private home pages”. I take that as opportunity to move on, and redesign my pages in the process, brush them up, and add also new stuff, gradually.

To do so, I am familiarizing myself with Jekyll (and connect it to emacs org mode). It involves some experimentation with different themes, different templates, configurations, etc.; there are a lot of moving parts…

That means: the pages here are under construction. Contentwise, not everything is in place yet (not all publications are accessible, not all master theses…) So the page is still in flux.


Worklist algorithms

12 minute read

A small amount of background information (best read in the context of the first sets)

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Mono- vs. polymorphic let

10 minute read

In the lecture, we covered type inference for generic polymorphism in a typed calculus with higher-order functions, including recursive functions and let-bin...

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